Rules & Regulations





  1. All rules, regulations, policies, and procedures will be made and followed under the guidance of:
  2. The North Texas State Soccer Association (NTSSA).
  3. Abilene Soccer Club, Inc.
  4. Any other legally governing soccer association.
  5. Copies of the rules and regulations of the Abilene Soccer Club will be made available to all ASC players and parents, all potential ASC players and parents, and any other interested parties.
  6. Use of the Club name and logo must be approved in writing by the Abilene Soccer Club Board of Directors.


  1. Trying out and playing for the Abilene Soccer Club is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Tryouts will be held after the legal starting date as dictated by NTSSA, currently July 1st.
  3. Tryouts will be conducted in a manner to allow contract signing at the earliest possible signing date, currently July 15th.
  4. Tryouts will be administered and directed by the Director(s) of Coaching. Players will try out for the proper age level and gender team.
  5. Tryout dates, times and places will be decided by the Director(s) of Coaching and publicized by the Club through mailings, public announcements, advertisements, and any other NTSSA approved method, in any combination, to effectively attract potential players.
  6. Tryouts will be open to all spectators and observers, including parents, other family members, and players from other Abilene Soccer Club teams. Any disruption caused by spectators or observers including heckling, coaching, or other attempts to influence the tryout and decision making process, will be grounds for expulsion from the tryouts.


  1. Teams will be formed, where possible, for each age level (U11, U12, U13, etc.).
  2. Players will be expected to play on their own age level team. There may be occasions where exceptions to this rule will be allowed. Such exceptions will be made by the Director(s) of Coaching with the approval of the Executive Committee, based upon:
  3. What is best for the Club.
  4. What is best for the Team.
  5. What is best for the Player.
  6. If the number of players permits, there may be more than one team per age level. This decision will be made by the Director(s) of Coaching and the Executive Committee with input from the coaching staff.
  7. The maximum number of players per team will be consistent with such number as is allowed by the playing league for the age level. In the event there are not enough players to form a team, other options will be considered in order to find a place for affected players. Options may include allowing a younger player to play for an older team and/or age groups may be combined to form non-age-pure teams.


  1. Contracts will be signed as soon as possible after the legal signing date set by NTSSA, currently July 15.
  2. All contract will be considered valid for the full duration of the contract, currently expiring May 31.
  3. If circumstances arise in which an Abilene Soccer Club player desires to be released from a contract, the player must submit a detailed letter to the Executive Committee petitioning for release. The Executive Committee shall make the decision on the request. The decision will be made available to all parties involved.
  4. Unless the Executive Committee or Team Manager (each team’s discretion) grants a specific exception, no contracts will be offered to or signed by a player who owes money to the Abilene Soccer Club.
  5. One of two contracts may be offered by the Abilene Soccer Club.
  6. An NTSSA “full-year” contract.
  7. A four (4) month “Spring Season” contract.


  1. The budget adopted by the Board of Directors of the Abilene Soccer Club is based upon the collection of dues from every player, unless a scholarship has been granted by the Executive Committee.
  2. Every effort will be made by the Abilene Soccer Club Board of Directors to keep the dues as low as possible.
  3. Dues are due and payable by March 15th. Any payment not made by the due date will be considered delinquent. Players who are delinquent may be suspended from practice, games, and tournaments by the Executive Committee.
  4. The parents of a player in arrears must contact the Club Treasurer to make arrangements to become current.


  1. The Abilene Soccer Club may budget money for scholarships.
  2. The Executive Committee will determine the criteria for awarding scholarships as well as the number and size of scholarships to be offered.
  3. Players on scholarship will be required to participate in all Club fund-raisers.


  1. The Abilene Soccer Club may hold fund-raisers.
  2. ALL ASC Players are expected to participate in all Club fund-raisers. Players who owe money to the Club from fundraising activities may be suspended from practices, games, or tournaments.
  3. Any team associated with the Club may hold team fund-raisers which should never conflict with Club fund-raisers. The fund-raisers should be conducted in the most accountable and professional manner possible.
  4. The team will vote on how the fund-raiser will be selected, organized, concluded, and the profits utilized.
  5. In order to protect the nonprofit status of the Club, all monies raised must be turned in to the Club Treasurer.
  6. All monies will be accounted for on a per team basis.
  7. All team fundraising expenses will be borne by the team.
  8. Profits will be disbursed to the team manager, upon request, to be sued as the team designates.


  1. Corporate sponsors may be used by the Club as approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Only Club-wide corporate sponsors may advertise on the official Abilene Soccer Club uniform.
  3. Corporate sponsors may be secured by individual teams. The team will be responsible for obtaining approval of the sponsor from the Executive Committee of the Abilene Soccer Club.
  4. Approval will be granted provided there are no conflicts with stated Club policies and guidelines, and such sponsorship will not detract from the Club or the Club’s image.
  5. All monies received are subject to the same financial management scheme set forth in Section VII, paragraph B 2 above.
  6. Team sponsors have to be approved by the Board


  1. Playing time will be determined by the team’s coach.
  2. Playing time may be influenced by attendance at practices, work ethic, attendance at games, and attendance at tournaments.


  1. Guest players may be used where legally allowed.
  2. The Club will not pay for any expenses incurred for the use of a guest player. These expenses will be paid by the guest player or by the team.


  1. The Director(s) of Coaching shall have certain specific duties and responsibilities which include:
  2. Act as a positive role model for the Abilene Soccer Club.
  3. Help to promote the Club.
  4. Help develop and present a positive image of the Club.
  5. Select and appoint all coaches and assistant coaches.
  6. Periodically evaluate all coaches.
  7. Visit each team’s practices as many times as possible.
  8. Attend as many games as possible for each team.
  9. Supervise and implement coach’s training.
  10. Organize and schedule tryouts and team formation.
  11. Assist in the team practice schedules and fields.
  12. Manage and organize the use of the Club equipment such as nets, balls, etc.
  13. The Director(s) of Coaching may coach teams.


  1. The Abilene Soccer Club will contract with and evaluate individual coaches on an annual basis.
  2. Coaches shall have certain specific duties and responsibilities which include:
  3. All coaches will be under the direction of the Director(s) of Coaching.
  4. Be a positive role model for the Club, the team and the players.
  5. Promptly notify all players trying out for the Club as to their acceptance or rejection for the team membership.
  6. Develop good rapport with all team members and parents.
  7. Organize and supervise all team practices.
  8. Attend all games and practices except when unusual or emergency situations might arise.


  1. All players for the Abilene Soccer Club shall have certain specific duties and obligations which include:
  2. A player must always behave in a positive manner, representing the Club and him or herself in a positive fashion both on and off the field.
  3. Shirt tails should be tucked in at all times from arrival at the parking lot until departure from the parking lot.
  4. Changing of clothes should be done discreetly, off the field.
  5. A player should always work hard to improve individual skills and team performance. A player should give the coach full attention at all times at practice and respond to a coach’s instructions at all games.
  6. Players should attend all practices unless unusual circumstances prevent. Coaches should be notified when a player will be absent.
  7. Players should attend all games, including tournaments, unless unusual circumstances prevent. Coaches should be notified as far in advance as possible when a player will be unable to attend a game or tournament.
  8. All players must wear the team uniform when competing in league or tournament games. Goalkeepers will wear appropriate goalkeeper uniform and equipment.
  9. Players will abide by all provisions of the NTSSA Player Contract.


  1. A Team Manager will be selected by the team. A team shall annually, immediately after the tryouts and the team is formed, hold an election for the position of team manager.
  2. The Team Manager shall have certain specific responsibilities which include:
  3. Team Manager will be responsible for organizing and conducting the team business.
  4. Be responsible for all Club property and equipment in team’s possession (balls, nets, etc.)


  1. Each team will select a representative to serve on the Board of Directors of Abilene Soccer Club. The Team Manager is suggested to fill this position.

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