What is “Select Soccer”

Select soccer, or club soccer, is for the child who wants to play in a more competitive environment. All interested players try out for teams in July, and the coaches select the players they want on the team. Not all kids who try out will make a select team.

How much does it cost?

Each team is different, depending on the number of tournaments they plan to play. Ballpark annual investment is $750 plus the cost of a uniform. Uniforms run around $250 and, if ordered appropriately, can last a player for two years.

The $750 goes to cover a variety of expenses including registration in Arlington, registration through BCSA, practice field rentals, referee fees, coach’s fees, supplies, and two tournament entrance fees.

Many teams conduct fundraisers to help off-set the individual expense of playing. Speak to your team’s manager to see what opportunities are available.

Where are games played?

League games are played in the metroplex. Games are split between the Harold Patterson complex in Arlington and the Rolling Hills Field Complex in Fort Worth. Tournament locations vary based on tournament selected.

My child’s rec coach is good and loves our kids, can s/he coach the select team?

In order to coach one of our select teams a coach must be approved by our Director of Coaches. If you would like to apply to be an ASC coach, contact Jason Delay.

Will Academy soccer conflict with my recreational team’s schedule?

It should not. However if a conflict arises the child with play with his or her recreational team first.

How many spots are available on the select team’s roster?

North Texas Soccer rules will allow for no more than 18 players on a select team’s roster. However each coach will decide how many positions they will fill. Many teams compete with fewer than 18 players.

My child has been invited to be a “practice player”. What does that mean?

A practice player is not a rostered player and will not play in league games with the team. However they will be able to practice with the team to improve their skills. The coach may choose to pick up practice players for tournaments. Whether a practice player gets to play is completely up to that specific team’s coach.


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